My Partner is Delight

My Partner is Delight
Heading into the great unknown

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm BAaaaaaAAaK!

On the day after the kids 4h fair back in July I had to leave on an emergency trip to Ohio to care for my mom... I ended up spending the whole summer there with a few quick trips back home. I didn't have much time for blogging or for spending much time with my beloved horses. My dear husband was a real hero, taking care of the business, the kids, and all of the (other) animals on the farm.

When I was in Ohio I found my new favorite tack store. It's called the Painted Cowgirl. I was able to get a really great deal on a used trail saddle. I rode Delight in it yesterday and it fits me wonderfully and seems to fit her as well. I'll be getting an expert opinion on it before I take her out on a long ride, but for now I am in love! Here is a picture from the store (taken with my cell phone):

It is so comfortable and secure feeling! If it turns out not to fit Delight well enough, I will definitely be looking for a similar saddle to replace it! When I was a kid English was my favorite way to ride and I feel like I am being pulled back to my roots. It remains to be seen if this old lady body still has the muscle and balance to ride in an English style saddle. I sure hope so!

I really missed Delight and the other horses this summer. The first thing I did (after hugs and kisses all around for my family, of course) was to go out back and greet the horses and then bury my face in Delight's mane. I am so very blessed to have horses in my life.

Here are couple of pictures from a trail ride last summer...

I hope there is time to squeeze a few more trail rides in before bad weather sets in this Fall....