My Partner is Delight

My Partner is Delight
Heading into the great unknown

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tough Life of a Show horse

I've body clipped Chardoney in anticipation of the Horse Expo and the Treasure Valley Classic. It was my first attempt and it took me many hours over several days to get it accomplished. I think the end result looks quite nice, and Chardoney  looks sleek and shiny.

For the next couple of weeks she will have to wear a Superhero costume to prevent her from becoming sun bleached, and to bring the oils back up into her coat, which will make her even shinier. She gets to take everything off but a warm blanket at night.

Who is that behind that mask??


 The life of a Superhero is a tough one indeed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Countdown to Busy Season

This weekend will be the first of six weekends in a row of horse related shows and events.

I am so excited to take Delight and Chardoney out as well as being involved with helping folks from Blue Note Arabians and JP Arabians with their horses. Then, there are my  comrades with Endurance Team Buttercup to help and to cheer on.

I gave Chardoney my first ever full body clip. I think it looks nice. It took me 3 days and two doses of sleepy stuff to get it accomplished due to a clipper snafu. I still have some detail work to do on her hocks. She isn't having much to do with it, so maybe one more time of clipping to get those tiny crevices finished will do the trick. I sure wish I would have done them while she was doped up. I thought they would be no problem. Silly me!

This weekend she is going to be "on display" at the Horse Expo. I hope she will be a good example of the Arabian/Half Arabian breed and stay inside the show stall! I can't wait to show her off.

Today Chardoney will get her first ride with Christy who will be riding her in the TVC and at Sport Horse Nationals. I won't be able to be there to watch. I am crossing my fingers that it will be a good match!