My Partner is Delight

My Partner is Delight
Heading into the great unknown

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day One

It was a great day. We got Chardoney all settled in and helped Ellis Supreme Arabians set up their stalls.

The weather was beautiful.

Christy, who will be riding Char in the Amateur to Ride classes, took her out for a spin in the outdoor arena. Chardoney is moving out better than ever before. I love watching Christy and Nancy ride her.

Seeing her go today brought back so many memories of the years that I watched her grow and loved her from afar.

I am full of gratefulness and happiness to have this wonderful experience. 

And We Are Off!

On our way to Sport Horse Nationals!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Snoozing in the morning sun.
I think I need to take a lesson from Chardoney. Look at her. She is not nervous at all. She is such a relaxed horse. I don't think she gets excited about anything but food.

I have so many nerves about Sport Horse Nationals! Is she fat enough, is she skinny enough... am I working her too hard, am I not working her hard enough... Will she be ready? Will *I* be ready? Is she shiny enough? Am I feeding her enough, the right stuff? Is my list ready to go? Oh Lord. Four more weeks of this to go!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Countdown to Arabian Sporthorse Nationals

Only 30 more days until a lifetime dream comes true!

Growing up I never ever dreamed I would be able to own an Arabian - or Half Arabian, let alone take one to a show. I poured over Arabian Horse World magazines and even went to a couple of Class A shows. Back then Arabian horses were selling for tens of thousands of dollars. Now, in a month I will be taking My Very Own Half Arabian to Arabian Sporthorse Nationals!

This opportunity has been caused by a perfect storm of  happy opportunities. First (and foremost) was when Lynette chose me as Chardoney's new home. I can't thank her enough for the privilege of having her in my life every day. Next was all of the time and training Terie and her gang put into her breeding and training her. Then there are all of the shows she was taken to by Terie and Lynette which qualified her for this grand Show. There is no way I could have done any of this on my own.

On the home front, Tom has been paying the bills. What a wonderful husband to indulge me in this venture! Lyn has cared for Chardoney as if she were one of her own. She couldn't have a better person looking after her welfare. I am so Thankful for Lyn! Nancy has been training her. How could I do this with out Nancy? And then there are friends who will be showing her for me, friends and family who are supporting me. You get the picture. I am blessed.

This show is such a big deal to me that it had never even even made my bucket list - it is a far grander daydream than that.

I have started keeping Chardoney in the barn and with a light flysheet. She is shedding her summer coat. It is bleached and dry. Hopefully the blanket will cause the oils to come up and make her new winter coat shiny. I also hope her winter coat doesn't come in too quickly... Otherwise, she will need to be clipped - a chore I would rather skip! I have been grooming her, and currying her, trying to bring out that natural shine.

I decided to put shoes on her for this special occasion. My philosophy has been to keep my horses barefoot but, I think for this show I will make an exception. Chardoney will be competing with the best horses in the nation (gulp!). Shoes do make a difference in a horse's gait. And shod feet are what the judges want to see. I want to do everything I can to help her have the best chance against the best. Since my plans after the Nationals don't include showing on any grand scale I will pull them and let her go barefoot again.

Thanks to selling a saddle, saving and a loan from a special friend, all of Chardoney's premiums have been paid. She will be in 4 classes: Sporthorse In Hand both the Open class and Amateur to Handle class; and Sporthorse Under Saddle, both the Open class and Amateur to Ride class. Chardoney is also qualified for a Dressage class, but it was just too expensive to add another class.

I am so excited and nervous, and nervous and excited!


Silly Chardoney! Silly Cherish!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Pictures... Third, Star

Bath time.




In three.... two....


"No, Seriously."

More Pictures... Second, Delight

Beauty treatment by Beth

Fashion design by Katrina

Delight, meet your jockey for this evening....


"Here.... Weeeee...."


Sugar: " NOOOOOO!"

 Sugar: "I didn't think that was funny at at all."

More Pictures... First, Chardoney

"I am over here.... over HERE! ME. Pay Attention to ME. LOOK! I am doing something naughty to get your attention. Will you come and give me my bubble bath already?"

" Ohhh... Why yes, I am beautiful.  See me strike this gorgeous pose?"

 "Ahhhh Thanks Beth! That feels sooo good!"

"UGHTH! Thereth thumbthing not right Katrina!"

"Aaaahhgh.... I think those are my tonsils!"

"My new friend Mylinda. I hug her 'cause she took a lot of pictures of me. At least SHE appreciates my flawless beauty."

" I am a long tall Cow Pony!"





I have been neglecting my blog. I post to Facebook, where everything goes down the page into Here everything is saved and accessible. I am hoping to at least begin sharing pictures again.

Here are a few that were taken a week or so ago By Mylinda Miller. She spent most of an afternoon photographing Katrina with Delight, Star and Chardoney. We had a great time playing in the Payette River. Delight and Chardoney really seemed to enjoy it. By the time we were finished they had gorged themselves on the lush grass by the side of the river and were nearly falling asleep.

Mylinda and Beth are both friends of Katrina. They were here for a long weekend. They had a lot of fun with the horses, and there are more pictures to come!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Two Best Girls

Delight and Chardoney. Oh how I love these two!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Les Bois Spring Spectacular

 Into the morning sun

 This weekend Delight rested and it was Chardoney's time to shine. Nancy rode her in the Les Bois Spring Spectacular. She competed in training level tests 1 and 3. The weather was cold and windy and Chardoney was frisky. Her best score was a 60. It didn't help that she threw a buck during the second test! Silly pony, Dressage is about submission, you are not allowed to have an attitude! We all had a good laugh at her expense and said it was just her "Joie De Vivre coming out with Brilliance".

 Nancy heading into the Dressage court

 Nancy Roche did a great job of containing Chardoney's "Brilliance". Believe me there is a game face behind this beautiful smile! I am so thankful for my trainer and friend Nancy.

Mary giving last minute instructions

 Mary Kimball gave Nancy coaching support. We are all so thankful for her expertise.


A Beautiful pair

The Treasure Valley Classic is next weekend. Bring on the Joie!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tough Sucker II

Last weekend a bunch of my friends, Tom and Chase and I  traveled to Oreana for our first official Endurance ride. I rode Delight. Tom and Star went out on their first ride ever for both of them. The distance was 25 miles. It was a beautiful day.

Unfortunately Star thought she was full of rocket fuel. She jigged the whole first loop - which was 16 miles long!  So she was pulled at the vet check for being too tired. Tom was very disappointed and I don't blame him, it was a letdown after all of the training he has done with Star. They will be heading back out on training rides and getting ready to try again next time.

Delight was her wonderful experienced self. We finished a comfortable 18th place with 30 min left on the time clock, exactly where I wanted to finish. I was hoping for a nice slow ride to start the season out.

Chase brought along his friend Autumn and together they did an awesome job of helping out with all of the chores and horses. They also gave each of  them their traditional unicorn horns for good luck.

Horse Expo 2012

Chardoney was a hit at the Expo!

She took about 1/2 hour to settle in, running from side to side looking at everything and even throwing in a "Hi-ho-Silver" or two. Once she discovered her food, she got down to business of being a fine example of the Arabian/Half-Arabian breed. Many people stopped to admire  her and asked lots of questions.

I gave kids treats to give her and she soon learned to be on the lookout for pint-sized treat dispensers. Chardoney was always a lady and didn't become pushy or grabby. In fact, it seemed like treating her made her settle down and show her sweetest side.

One little guy in particular touched my heart. He was so gentle and Chardoney took a close interest in him. He looked like he was seeing the most wonderful creature on earth. He reminded me of the joy that I felt as a child when I was able to even touch a horse. It made me appreciate the gift my horses are to me all the more.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tough Life of a Show horse

I've body clipped Chardoney in anticipation of the Horse Expo and the Treasure Valley Classic. It was my first attempt and it took me many hours over several days to get it accomplished. I think the end result looks quite nice, and Chardoney  looks sleek and shiny.

For the next couple of weeks she will have to wear a Superhero costume to prevent her from becoming sun bleached, and to bring the oils back up into her coat, which will make her even shinier. She gets to take everything off but a warm blanket at night.

Who is that behind that mask??


 The life of a Superhero is a tough one indeed.