My Partner is Delight

My Partner is Delight
Heading into the great unknown

Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Is Here!

We have had some pretty cold temperatures and now a few inches of snow. Winter is officially come to Idaho.

 Moving hay from the hay barn down to the paddocks

I really enjoy the snow. I think, If it is gonna be cold, it might as well snow so we can enjoy it!

The horses don't seem to mind. In fact they are friskier than usual when the temperature drops. I have decided to go ahead and blanket Tawshi, however.  Of my 3 horses she is the only one who shivers sometimes when it is cold.

Delight and Star just walk around with a blanket of snow on their backs. I suppose if there is snow on the roof, the house is well insulated. I love their warm fuzzy winter coats. They are my living teddy Bears!

Tom and Star

One of the things I enjoy most about my horses is how very affectionate they are.  All three of them gently vie for attention and scratches when we go into their paddocks. Most of the time they will come right to me for attention. Pick me! Pick me! They seem to say.

 Pick ME!


 Ok, I choose you both!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blogging again...

I have realized that I have spent too much time and energy sharing things on Facebook and not enough time here. On Facebook my photos and experiences go into dusty photo folders. Here I have this beautiful uncluttered palette. What have I been thinking?

 My Delight

I have so much to share. My horse life is very busy right now. I am riding 4 horses (well 3 and 1/2 but that is another story) for Blue Note Arabians, as well as our three. My goal is to get at least one ride on each one every week. A huge undertaking to say the least. We are riding in a new spooky arena, and I am getting lots of chances to work on my AOF. I am grateful for this time of riding lots of horses. I am growing so fast!

I am branching out into a little dressage training, hoping to ride in a few 'Test of Choice" shows next Spring. On which horse, I don't know. I have lots of choices and lots of time!

This summer I rode Delight in a 2 day endurance ride called the Pink Flamingo.  The first day was 30 miles and the second was 25. Then I rode one of Lyn's horses, Tacki in a 25 miler this fall. I have really been bitten by the endurance bug... so much to share here about that!

Delight at the Pink Flamingo Ride 8/10

I am more inspired than ever before on this journey with horses. With the support of my friends and family I have been blossoming as a rider and horsewoman. I have even lost a little weight along the way.

Yeah. Life's good with horses in it.