My Partner is Delight

My Partner is Delight
Heading into the great unknown

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Drug of Choice

I went for a trail ride today along the canal road. The snow was about 5-6" deep. I have ridden a horse in the snow before, but this was my first time riding Delight. She was pretty fresh, but once I let her out a little she settled and we had a great ride. I rode in a bareback pad and a plain grazing bit.

I had a friend along who was riding a green horse who was also pretty fresh... I won't say toooo much in case Lyn is reading this post. He did a great job, though and once he got his mare settled and we had fun plowing new trails.

Every time I ride my horse I feel like I have just taken the most wonderful drug. I come back relaxed and happy. All is right with the world.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Something a little different....

... than pictures of a red horse. even if she is the most wonderful horse in the world!

This is one of my favorite horse videos. Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman. Enjoy!

"Called "The Flying Frenchman," Lorenzo perfects his routines on the beach near his home town of Saintes Maries de la Mer in southern France. His popularity has led this equestrian prodigy to perform at many prestigious venues, including the World Jumping Championships in Calgary."

Want more??

Friday, December 5, 2008


So I had a bit of fun this afternoon with my Delight. First, I brushed her down and picked out her feet. I noticed that she was getting a bit of a mohawk , so I decided to trim her bridlepath. She doesn't tolerate clippers on top of her head, so I was trimming it with scissors. My friend who was watching me said, "Why don't you just use the clippers, they are laying right there?"

"Well, she has never let me use them on her head before... " I said, as I reached for the clippers.

I reached up and I'll be darned if she didn't let me trim her bridlepath, the long hairs coming out of her ears and her whiskers! It was the first time ever! I hope she remembers the next time I need to trim her for a show! You think she will??

I couldn't find anyone to hit the trails with me so i just plunked around Lyn's place.

I was pretty proud of myself... I rode Delight all alone on the backside of Lyn's hill. We couldn't see the barn or the pastures. I guess it was only a 20 minute ride but it is the longest/farthest I have ridden her out alone. She didn't get too antsy and I stayed relaxed and we had fun!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Delight

My sweet horse. I love her so...

I was hoping to be able to ride this weekend, but alas, this headcold kept me from it.

I did get Star into the roundpen though. She did just fine and seems to be ready for more. I want to really work on "float" with her. That is I want her to learn to keep slack in the rope when someone is handling her, and for her to anticipate the movements of her handler.

Star is growing so big. I need to get fuzzy winter pictures of her and everyone else to put up here.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

That Time of Year Again.

It's that time of year again. Ugh. Rainy season in Idaho. Some people around here call it "Mud Season." Same thing. It will be muddy and miserable until the ground freezes. Then it will be tolerable until the Spring thaw when we get to do it all over again.

It is snowing in the mountains now. Here is a picture of the butte behind the pasture. I was going to crop it to look similar to the picture at the top of this blog when i noticed that my chore buddy Amelia at the bottom. Can't crop my 'lil buddy out! See her widdle ears?

Here's a link to an earlier post I wrote about Amelia:

Thought I'd share the best sound in the world. I wish someone would record one of those relaxing musical things and put the sound of horses eating on them. You know, instead of the whale sounds? I sure would buy a copy!

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm BAaaaaaAAaK!

On the day after the kids 4h fair back in July I had to leave on an emergency trip to Ohio to care for my mom... I ended up spending the whole summer there with a few quick trips back home. I didn't have much time for blogging or for spending much time with my beloved horses. My dear husband was a real hero, taking care of the business, the kids, and all of the (other) animals on the farm.

When I was in Ohio I found my new favorite tack store. It's called the Painted Cowgirl. I was able to get a really great deal on a used trail saddle. I rode Delight in it yesterday and it fits me wonderfully and seems to fit her as well. I'll be getting an expert opinion on it before I take her out on a long ride, but for now I am in love! Here is a picture from the store (taken with my cell phone):

It is so comfortable and secure feeling! If it turns out not to fit Delight well enough, I will definitely be looking for a similar saddle to replace it! When I was a kid English was my favorite way to ride and I feel like I am being pulled back to my roots. It remains to be seen if this old lady body still has the muscle and balance to ride in an English style saddle. I sure hope so!

I really missed Delight and the other horses this summer. The first thing I did (after hugs and kisses all around for my family, of course) was to go out back and greet the horses and then bury my face in Delight's mane. I am so very blessed to have horses in my life.

Here are couple of pictures from a trail ride last summer...

I hope there is time to squeeze a few more trail rides in before bad weather sets in this Fall....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spinner's 2nd show ever!

This is me and Spinner waiting to get into his second show. My nerves were stretched, but I was really excited.

First entering the arena!!! My head is turned because i was looking for the judge, that is what the gate person I pointing at.

This was at the beginning of the show. I had to throw a smile at mom, that's why I look so dorky =P.

This is in the middle of the show. Spinner was being pretty good, only he kept on stopping in front of the grand stands because he wanted to say hi to the little kids that were right up to the fence.

This is at the end of the show. Spinner was doing fabulous.

This is the shot after the show. I may not look very enthusiastic, but i was soooooo tired, so was Spinner in that case. I was really jumping up and down mentally. I was also slightly surprised too. There was a girl next to me in line in front of the ring steward that also did very well (I don't know who she was), and I thought that I had gotten marked down for getting my reins mixed up when I was backing up. the girl next to me ended up getting 2nd.

On my way to the Shadow Butte Both (about 20 minutes after my show), I heard my name being called from the announcer's both saying I needed to come get my award. Thinking that it was some kind of mistake, I went ahead and bought my Mt. Dew before I went to go clear things up. When I came under the announcers booth, the horse 4-H Super Intendant made me sign a "thank you" note and said that my award was coming (she didn't say what though). Kind of confused, I went back to the trailer and started to drowse in a camping chair. About an hour later, a tall, skinny guy came up and asked "Are you Cherish Armstrong?"
I said yes and he led me under the announcer's booth for my reward. I figured it was going to be a hay bag or water bucket, but then he grabbed up a really nice head stall and said, "Here you go!" Over whelmed, I thanked him fervently and ran to go show it off to mom. You can probably guess how that went.
The bridle is made out of buffalo skin and has no Chicago Screws, so it will last longer. I Also got split reins to match the brow band design. At the end of the day I switched out the bit of my old bridle to my new one and used it in the games after ward.

At Spinner's very first show, this is what he got me. As mom says, he's a Wonder Pony.
And this is what I got at the fair this year all together (I also got a silver meddle for my 4-H record book, but I get a meddle every year so I don't have a picture of it).

Fair Part IV: Katrina and Tawshi Make Great Strides

This morning Tawshi was feeling really good! Seems like she has gotten stronger every day, rather than more tired like the rest of us!

The very first class was right after the flag ceremony, so there wasn't much time for warming up. Tawshi was feeling the best she has felt for 2 weeks and decided to really be "peppy". Her first lope was really a canter, almost a gallop and went diagonally across the arena. Poor Katy!

Last minute pep talk and bridle adjustment from Mom:

It was an equitation class so after the runaway flat work there was individual work.

Getting ready to start the pattern:

Loping to the right:

In spite of the trouble she had, Katrina didn't place but she was awarded a red ribbon. In addition to the top 6 placings, each kid gets a Blue, red or white ribbon which represents what the judge thought of their individual effort. She was expecting a white for sure... but left the ring with red and a big smile.

Her next class was Bareback Equitation. Katrina decided to go ahead and enter inspite of Tawshi's near run away in the first class. She wasn't going to lope and just figured that she would "take" a white ribbon.

A big part of 4H is being brave an trying new things. This was her very first bareback class ever, and she has never cantered bareback before. I was pretty proud of her for going for it.

Tawshi was doing so well, when it was time to lope, Katy really went for it! She loped on her!!! Actually, it was a canter because she was riding English. The other direction Tawshi didn't pick up the correct lead, so she had to bring her down twice and correct it. Remember, this is her first time to lope bareback!

At the end of the class she was rewarded with FIFTH place and a BLUE ribbon!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fair 08 Part III Spinner takes a Spin in the Arena

Waiting to head in to the show pen for the first time together as a team:

Going through the "In" gate. This is about as excited as he has gotten during the whole show so far:

Each of the horse 4H kids has to set goals at the beginning of the year. Cherish's goals were: #1 "To ride my horse " and #2 (to be filled in... I can't remember...) Then they must have a One On One interview with a judge and demonstrate what they have learned.

Here Cherish is having her One On One. Spinner was a Wonderpony. He was calm cool and collected. He walked into the arena like he has been doing it all of his life.

The judge was really impressed with how far Cherish has gotten with her horse in such a short period of time. She was also familiar with the Blazer breed and was very encouraging.

A beautiful smile on a beautiful girl:

Fair 08 Part II : Speedy Gets Dolled Up

Here Katy is helping Cody and Speedy get ready for their showmanship class. This is the first year that Cody has had to do a pattern.

"Always, always turn your horse away from you. "

Speedy wasn't sure about wearing "makeup". He thought it was pretty funny!

Here is what he really thinks about baby oil.... isn't he coooooote? Is that a smile, or a smirk?

Speedy says, "I get no respect, I tell ya!"

Fair 08 Part I

Fair week is in full swing! I thought I would share some snapshots of the horse show. We still have another day to go, but there are so many pictures!

Here's a picture of the whole crew. We took 4 horses and 4 kids. One of the kiddos isn't in 4H but she should get a ribbon for how helpful she is being! (More on her later...)

Don't worry, all of that stuff on the ground is well away from the horses. There were times when the kids had their stuff strewn every where.... just like at home.

I'll start with Katy and Tawshi. Tawshi has been feeling under the weather lately. She was a real champ though and did her best for her girl. Here they are in their showmanship class.

All smiles waiting for their very first English class together as a team. Tawshi isn't the most photogenic of horses. The ears are floppy when the eyes are open and the eyes are closed when her ears are forward. I don't know why. It's a family joke. She will never be a model!

In the class....

Waiting in the lineup....

And lovies for a job well done:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another "Speedy" Update

After I finished the last Speedy update I was looking through my other blog entries and I realized I hadn't shared about another important milestone - Speedy's first trail ride!

One of the things our family loves to do... errr I guess I should say- I love to do with my family, and they usually enjoy once I drag them out there is trail riding.

It happened last weekend, on my birthday. Tom went out on his new horse Foxy and I went out on my Delight. It was also Foxy's first time out with us.

OH - it was Cody's first trail ride ever too! So, lots of firsts that day.

I was a little bit nervous as we have never just thrown a saddle on Speedy and ridden. We always have done some round pen work first. Once Cody was aboard his mount he did some hips over and some suppling exercises. Then we were off!

Here Cody is cleaning Speedy's feet. Not a confo shot I know, but you can see the improvement in his body condition. Speedy has a very thick mane that falls on both sides. That's my Delight in the background.

We rode near the area where I took Spinner for his first "spin" (ha ha couldn't resist). It is BLM land. Mostly desert and rolling hills. Not much for a greenie horse to get too excited about.

That's Tom on Foxy up ahead.

We usually take time to stop and allow the horses to graze on the trail while we drink water and have a snack ourselves - usually beef jerky or a power bar. It was really hot on this day, in the 90's.

Dontcha just love those comfy looking jeans?

Speedy acted like trail riding was old hat. He wasn't spooky at all and was a pretty willing partner for his boy. He needs more fine tuning in his "giving" in general, but for where he is at in his training, he was fabulous!

This isn't the greatest picture, but I really like how lightly my son is holding the reins and how Speedy is bending in response. Cody was asking him to stop grazing.

Here is my steady mount Delight with Speedy and his boy in the background:

Foxy did well too! Tom had a great time riding his well trained horse!

It was a great ride. Speedy sailed through it. Cody had a great time trotting him and keeping up with the "big" horses. He even got the chance to lope a little. What a great little horse!

A "Speedy" Update

Speed Devil (Aka Shining Asset) got his very first bath with soap today! He also got his very first first show trim too.

First lets remember what he looked like at the auction lot (you can click on any of the pictures to see them bigger):

Here he is his first day at home:


Here is is today!

Can I have some of that alfalfa please??

...And here he is with his favorite boy...