My Partner is Delight

My Partner is Delight
Heading into the great unknown

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Loss for Words

I have been sitting here for 15 minutes or so because I am at a loss for words.

Incredible, I know.

I enjoy my horses so much. I feel so grateful to have them in my life again. There were so many years that went by when I was busy with other things. Needful things. Wonderful things. Things that I wouldn't change or give up for the world; education... marriage... my children.

But my horses are something that I find feeds my soul. This evening working Star in the round pen and brushing her and hand grazing her in the yard helped to wash the worries of the world off of my shoulders. Riding my Delight into the yard bareback and in a halter to graze for a while renewed my strength.

I am so lucky, so blessed, so happy.

Thanks God for giving me horses.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy Ideas About a New Registry

The other day on the Horsetraining 101 forum we were discussing some of the illogic that the fringe anti slaughter fanatics use and I suddenly had a brainstorm. Maybe it is just as illogical as what I was accusing others of being, but I thought I would copy it here.

What if there were a registry for NFS - "Not for slaughter" horses?

Let's charge a fairly high price to have peoples horses branded and registered. Just for grins, lets say it will cost 1000.00

The brand will be a numerical one like the BLM uses. And maybe we will put an ID chip in the horses neck too. or maybe just a specific brand indicating the NFS status and presence of the microchip.

All of the NFS purchaser's contact information will be put in the data base, including what to do if the OP (original purchaser) cannot be found, or is deceased.

It would be up to the OP to keep his information updated. Maybe there could even be an online data base where he couldn't see the future buyer's info, but could update his own.

Future buyers of the horse would transfer the horse's registration (for a much smaller fee), but the all of the previous owners' info would travel with the papers.

Whaddya think?

The NFS deals specifically with what happens at the end of the road for the horse

The horse would not be slaughtered, period. It would take too much paperwork and would also allow a loophole for slaughterhouses to get a hold of these animals. An unwanted horse with a NFS brand would be euthed and rendered, period. Unless the OP has specified (and maybe paid extra for? ) euth and cremation, etc. The funds would already be in place for these procedures.

The only "rights" to the horse that you are purchasing with the NFS brand would be #1 the end of life arrangements #2 the possibility of being notified if the horse is in trouble

Heartbreaking as it is, the only peace of mind you get if you can't pay the 3000 [ or whatever amount is to repurchase your horse] is that your horse won't end up on the long bus to Mexico.

On the other hand, wouldn't you like to have the opportunity to network and try to get your beloved horse into a home where he can have a few more happy years?

Anyone want to discuss this idea? Just write what you think in the "comments" area.

Just for the record, I am not anti slaughter. I feel that this sort of a registry would give the people who are pro slaughter and PETA types a middle ground to work together.

Here is what I wrote about how a NFS registry would affect a small horse owner like me:

...I was thinking about the horse I just sold, Ted. He was unregistered. I feel like we did a good job of picking out a new owner, but after that what?

I think NFS would particularly help grade horse owners.

I would love to know that he has some registration papers to track his whereabouts. I also would like to know that he could be humanely put down without the future owners having the burden of wondering if they have the funds for it.

We kept Ted for probably a year longer than we would have if we felt like we had some sort of control over his future. That was the thing that kept us hesitant. We could afford him, but what if we couldn't?

Just for argument's sake, lets say we could no longer really afford Ted, but rather than have him face an uncertain future we decided to skimp on his hay in stead? We would never do that, but I know there are people who would, and who DO do that.

If he were NFS registered I think it would have been somewhat easier for us to sell, or at the very least I could have had him euthed if I felt like I was that worried about his future.

Another thing. Lets say I have an opportunity to rehab a horse. There are two to choose from who are exactly the same. I would choose a NFS horse over a regular horse knowing that if the horse never has the chance to be sound I would be spared the end of life expenses.


I have waited too long to introduce this guy...

This is Shezada Saheem- "Sam". He is a 6 year old Egyptian Arabian.

Sam belongs to my friend Lyn and I love him tooo much for a horse that I don't own! He is a really special horse. I believe that if he lived 'way back in the bedouin days that he would have been one of the horses that actually could live in the tent with the family. He is a very gentle and kind horse.

Last summer I had the privilege of starting Sam under saddle. Once he got to a place where I felt like he needed a "real" trainer to take him further Lyn sent him off for 90 days of training.

Since he has been back he has really taught me a lot about how to ride, and about some of the things needed to finish a horse. I get to take my riding lessons on him. I know that one of these days he is going to teach me about cantering a green horse. Hopefully that will be soon!

Sam's for sale... if his prospective buyer can get past all of the extra requirements I have for them! Just kidding... well, kinda...

Actually, I have every confidence Lyn will find him just the right home as he has wormed his way into her heart too - maybe even more than he has mine, if that's possible!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Peaches 3/94 - 5/24/08

We lost a dear member of our family today.

Our little dog Peaches died today to a tragic accident. It wasn’t the way we thought she would leave us but it was mercifully quick. She was 14 years old.

When Josh and Katy were little we had little money. One of the things we used to do was to go to the humane society and visit the puppies and kitties. It was a lot of fun and all it cost was a little bit of gas money. One day when Eli was about a year old we were living in a place where we could have a dog, so for my birthday I asked if we could take the kids to see the puppies.

At the shelter there was mama dog and 3 or four puppies. They were some sort of Terrier and Chihuahua mix. One of them had a curly little tail, four white feet and a faint white spot on the forehead. We took her home and named her “Peaches” because her fur was the color of a ripe peach.

Peaches grew up with the kids. She has been to Ohio and Kansas and Idaho. She has been camping and sledding and to slumber parties. Anywhere a dog could go we took her. She has been dressed up and tolerated nail polish and lipstick with grace.

When she was younger she loved to fetch her stuffed bunny and chase squirrels and cats. She knew which cats didn’t belong to her, and she protected her yard from all of the others.

Peaches didn’t know very many “real” dog tricks, except how to get us to give her a treat for not doing anything at all. Sometimes Katy could get her to sit by telling her “down” but that was the exception. She had us trained pretty well. She knew if she waited long enough we would give up and toss her the treat. She could catch treats in her mouth pretty well. Sometimes we could get her to howl a raspy voiceless howl. It was pretty funny and we tried to get her to say, ‘Mama’ too.

As she aged she learned to burrow under blankets to keep warm, and how to find the spots on the floor that were warmed by the sun. She slept a lot, her hearing left and she was beginning to go blind. Cancerous tumors began to grow on her belly. Two years ago we had most of them removed, but they grew back. Last summer we allowed the kids to get a puppy thinking Peaches’ time was short, but she rallied and fooled us all.

We already miss you so very much little “Piece a Poo”. We will always carry your memory in our hearts. We thank God for the many years that you were a part of our family.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Big Show

Recently Katy helped Lyn show some horses at a Class A Arabian show. As a treat, Katy got to take along her horse Tawshi.

Between the two of them they both showed the horses in two different Sport Horse In Hand classes.

Lyn's horse "Bluenote Satin Doll" won Reserve Grand Champion!

Here Katy is handling her:

And here is Lyn's other mare, "Shuga Kane":

Aren't they beautiful!

Tawshi didn't win any ribbons, but that little mare is worth her weight in gold to us! She was a perfect lady for her girl! This was Katy's very first Class A Show.

Many many thanks to the Saddle B(r)itches who came and helped out, and to those of you who just showed up to support these ladies and their horses! Pat, we owe you! Thanks for your hospitality! There's nothing like a good meal and a restful night's sleep before a big show.

And Lyn, thanks for letting us hang out with you! We love you and your horses!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Trails Ted

We sold Ted this weekend. He was my first horse after 20+ years without, and he was Tom's very first horse.

Ted, we will carry you in our hearts forever. You taught us so many things and introduced us to some wonderful people. We know you are really gong to love your new mom, and your job on the ranch chasing cattle.

We will miss playing the "Teddy's Big Fat Butt" game we created in your honor around the campfire. At least until the object of the game is to stop laughing rather than crying.

We'll miss your goofy colt like whinny welcoming the horse trailer back into the driveway, and looking for your golden coat shining in our pasture from over a mile away.

You did such a great job taking care of star when she was a weanling. She will miss her Uncle Ted too.

Happy trails Big Fella!

Another milestone for me

This weekend I threw some English tack on Delight and went for a ride. Last time I rode English was oh... well, lets just say over a quarter of a century ago!

All the riding I have been doing has been helping my balance. It was really fun, and just as comfortable as I remember it was. I really like all of the leg contact. Delight isn't used to that much leg, so she thought I was wanting to "go". I love my Lil Red Sports Car!

I know there is a lot "crooked' in this pic, but I just had to have a picture to remember this ride!

Horse Camping

We had some unseasonable warm weather this weekend. On Saturday it was over 90* during the day and it was supposed to be in the mid 60's that night, so my oldest daughter and I decided to "camp" out in the pasture with the horses. We threw a bunch of blankets into the bed of the pickup truck, put on some warm jammies and drove out into the pasture.

Easiest camping trip I have ever packed for!

I think Star was wishing she was a dog or a cat do that she could snuggle in with us. At least 4 times during the night I was awakened by her laying her head on my side, or with her horse breath blowing softly into my face. I really didn't mind being awakened so many times. Star never offered to even open her lips to grab the blankets. She just wanted hugs.

In the picture below she is reaching over me and gently nuzzling Amelia, who is purring and enjoying her attention.

Star is such a sweet, sweet horse.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two Pretty Fillies

Heartsong Star and Bluenote Satin Doll. Star is a Morgan, Doll an Arabian - both are 2 years old.

Thanks to Karin (Photographer Extraordinary) and Kathy (the Lady in Red) for these pictures! You BrITCHES are the best!

Star goes to her first show

Star went to her very first show last weekend! My friend Lyn took her two year old Arabian filly "Doll" as well. We had so much fun together with our horses. After that day, I can totally see myself as an old lady someday taking miniature horses around to shows. You don't have to ride to have a blast with your horses and your friends!

We entered them both in Halter and In - Hand Trail.

Here is Lyn with Doll, who was recently crowned "Reserve Champion Sporthorse In Hand, Mare" an the Des Arab class A show - (more about that in a later post!)

A couple of the SADDLE BrITCHES came along to cheer us on!

Star side passes...
And Big Smiles for a great job by Doll and Lyn!

Pretty Star standing at the trailer: