My Partner is Delight

My Partner is Delight
Heading into the great unknown

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ready For The Jumping Show and a Saddle

So no cantering on Tacki today although mentally I absolutely could have. We set up some jump standards and ground poles and I worked on getting Tacki and Delight used to them for the show tomorrow. Delight will be a piece of cake as long as I ride her "Western" on a loose rein. Tacki was really concerned, but she never refused and did her best to trust me. I love riding that mare, she is such a pleasure to ride even in her greenness.

I tried out a Wintec AP saddle today. It fit Delight and Tacki well. It is not my dream saddle but I think it might be a good transition-to-English-Endurance-type-saddle. When I am riding in it I feel like I am driving a Chevette with vinyl seats. My dream saddle will fit me more like a Jaguar. Unfortunately it will cost like one too. So, all that to say it's not real comfortable but I think it will do. It is 175oo. Of course I don't have the money right now. I am thinking about asking the tack shop where I have my western saddle on consignment if they want to buy it outright.

So tomorrow I will be going second up in the whole show. I am right behind Mr Mitleider. I was sure to thank Nancy for that honor. >.<

I haven't ever memorized anything but a trail course since I was 16. I figure if I can get the horses to actually trot the course in the right order I will be happy. I am thinking of using the English Wintec on Delight... we'll see how brave I am.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pushing Forward

I finally cantered on Sam yesterday! Yeah it was on the longe and it was awkward unbalanced, clutching, tense, insert all the appropriate adjectives here... but I did it!

I have a hella time staying over my inside leg at the canter and Sam is one of those horses you have to direct every body part or he will trip over himself and fall over. (Well, not really, but he is still very unbalanced.) He also is very lazy and has to be kicked up to stay round and engaged even at the slower gaits. Nancy said I looked great so I must have done something right in there somewhere. Next step is to do this off the longe. It won't be long! Stay tuned for updates next week!

Here is a nice picture of Me riding Tacki and Sandra riding Sam.
We were doing some desensitizing work on this day...

I have decided to take Tacki and Delight to a Jumping Show on Sat. It is a winter series put on by my trainer Nancy. NO I WON'T BE JUMPING! In fact will be riding in my tacky cordura western saddle. My Sexy Breeches should make things all better right?? Ha ha.

At the show the rounds are all timed and there is a certain target time put on each level. The goal is to finish in that amount of time with no faults. I will be in the class where you ride your horse through the course with all the rails down. There will be ground poles to ride over in each jump. I am taking Tacki for experience and Delight so that I will have one horse that I won't fall off of in front of everybody. Neither of them has even ever SEEN a jump course.

I know I am probably asking for trouble, but it should be fun and maybe another blow to my AOF. Sara Mittleider's parents will be there with some horses (Google her!) No I will not be intimidated at all... I will just enjoy being in their presence... I will enjoy... I will enjoy... and be in awe :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

12.8.10 continued...

Well, I didn't ride either of my training horses! My endurance partner Sandra came to ride Sam. I ride Sam most often because she can't. But, she is the one who rides him in the Endurance rides. I can only ride one out on the trail at a time! Darn! We had an issue with not having enough tack. When she was done riding  Sam we tacked up Tacki and I encouraged her to ride her too. Sandra has only had the opportunity to ride "my" Tacki a couple of times. It was really fun watching them. Seeing someone else ride her really helped me see some of the progress that I am making with her!

I came across a lovely quote yesterday: "The horse you get off of is not the same horse you got on. It is your job as a rider to ensure that as often as possible, the change is for the better" - unknown author

Wed Dec 8, 2010

Well, today is training day. I will be riding Sam and Tacki the two little black Arabs. I didn't sleep well and I don't have cream for my coffee so I am starting a little slow. I need to shower and heat my soup to go into my thermos and head out.

I have cantered Tacki but only out on the trail, and I have yet to canter Sam despite being the one who started him 2 years ago. Even though the arena is super little dark and spooky My plan is to "get over it" and canter them both in the indoors soon. This summer unless they sell I will be doing endurance rides on Tacki and hopefully Dressage test or two on Sam (and maybe Tacki though she is much farther behind in her training.)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Is Here!

We have had some pretty cold temperatures and now a few inches of snow. Winter is officially come to Idaho.

 Moving hay from the hay barn down to the paddocks

I really enjoy the snow. I think, If it is gonna be cold, it might as well snow so we can enjoy it!

The horses don't seem to mind. In fact they are friskier than usual when the temperature drops. I have decided to go ahead and blanket Tawshi, however.  Of my 3 horses she is the only one who shivers sometimes when it is cold.

Delight and Star just walk around with a blanket of snow on their backs. I suppose if there is snow on the roof, the house is well insulated. I love their warm fuzzy winter coats. They are my living teddy Bears!

Tom and Star

One of the things I enjoy most about my horses is how very affectionate they are.  All three of them gently vie for attention and scratches when we go into their paddocks. Most of the time they will come right to me for attention. Pick me! Pick me! They seem to say.

 Pick ME!


 Ok, I choose you both!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blogging again...

I have realized that I have spent too much time and energy sharing things on Facebook and not enough time here. On Facebook my photos and experiences go into dusty photo folders. Here I have this beautiful uncluttered palette. What have I been thinking?

 My Delight

I have so much to share. My horse life is very busy right now. I am riding 4 horses (well 3 and 1/2 but that is another story) for Blue Note Arabians, as well as our three. My goal is to get at least one ride on each one every week. A huge undertaking to say the least. We are riding in a new spooky arena, and I am getting lots of chances to work on my AOF. I am grateful for this time of riding lots of horses. I am growing so fast!

I am branching out into a little dressage training, hoping to ride in a few 'Test of Choice" shows next Spring. On which horse, I don't know. I have lots of choices and lots of time!

This summer I rode Delight in a 2 day endurance ride called the Pink Flamingo.  The first day was 30 miles and the second was 25. Then I rode one of Lyn's horses, Tacki in a 25 miler this fall. I have really been bitten by the endurance bug... so much to share here about that!

Delight at the Pink Flamingo Ride 8/10

I am more inspired than ever before on this journey with horses. With the support of my friends and family I have been blossoming as a rider and horsewoman. I have even lost a little weight along the way.

Yeah. Life's good with horses in it.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Speedy has a new home

A chapter has been closed today. Speedy is going to a new home. He will be adored by some very lucky grandkids. His new owner plans to clean him up and present him to them this weekend with a big red bow. He already has a new purple halter. I really hope she sends me some pictures of the event!

I am confident that he is going to be a very happy boy in his new home!

Happy trails Speedy! You have come a long way and I pray that you will have a long, happy, kid filled life.

I have such mixed emotions. I will think very hard about ever buying another horse because selling them is so hard. Especially with Speedy and Spinner.

It has been quite a journey from rescue to solid citizens and kids horses. I don't regret a single bit of it. In fact, I feel like I have learned and grown as a person and as a horsewoman.

Will I do it again? Maybe someday. Gotta let this tender place heal for a while.